Apophatic Mysticism

Advisory for the mystical journey

The immediate world is too sudden and prolific.  We pull back from it, recoil at the number of raw images spilling forth; we narrow our vision to shrink the awe of the totality that is here right now.  We carefully ignore most of the astonishing phenomena constantly tumbling out of each moment. We must think our world in order to slow it down.  To manage its unsettling impact, we carefully box it all up into neat concepts and ideas, and thus decrease its overwhelming intensity.

The mystic is less heedful.  Eschewing the carefully groomed surface of her world, she plunges into the immediacy of it.  She exposes her heart to the radiance of each unmediated moment.  With the flood gates released, the exquisite splendor of the world pours in all at once, with all of its joy, poignancy, awe, and terror.

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